MAKING4.0 Erasmus+ Project:

Improving Malaysian HE Knowledge towards a Wood and Furniture Industry 4.0

scopes on improvement of the sustainability of the industry in Malaysia and strengthening of collaboration and development between European and Asian universities.

As a result, partnering Malaysian and European universities should be able to offer a high-level training on technological trends and advances related with industry 4.0 for their students, participating Malaysian wood and furniture industry representatives, and other interested parties. Partnering European universities should also update their current training offer with subjects related to Industry 4.0 with the final result. All universities should improve their encouragement on internationalization in accordance to the recommendations of the “Bologna process implementation” report



MAKING 4.0 – Train of Trainers sessions

Train of trainers which took place Dec 13-14th consisted of several sessions dealing with explanations and solving potential problems with teaching of subjects in pilot phase of Making 4.0 course: Automation and Mechanization. Low Cost Automation, (from Marcin Zbiec/EU Kamil Roman, WULS) Additive manufacturing, Victoria Gomez, (from EU Victoria Gomez, KIT) Product design and digitalization, …

New Publication in SUSTAINABILITY

Ortega-Gras, J.-J.; Bueno-Delgado, M.-V.; Cañavate-Cruzado, G.; Garrido-Lova, J. Twin Transition through the Implementation of Industry 4.0 Technologies: Desk-Research Analysis and Practical Use Cases in Europe. Sustainability 2021, 13, 13601. Full paper download