Module 3: Wood and new materials

The third training module of the Master Making 4.0 offers basic knowledge of wood, wood-based materials used in fabrication processes, with production technology and physical and mechanical properties, and finally, of technologies used in processing of these natural materials.

This training module is composed of the following 3 compulsory courses of 2 ECTS each, taking a total of 4 Malaysian credits (6 ECTS).

Wood Science, is as a basic course for engineer trying to implement this complex and relatively hard to use commodity as material to design and construct desired objects, focusing on structure of hardwoods and softwoods, its durability, mechanical and physical properties and testing. – download
Materials for furniture manufacturing, which focuses on wood-based materials from fibers (LDF, ULDF, fiber insulation boards, fiber mats etc.), chips (light chipboard, extruded boards, etc.), multilayer wood-based materials (typical plywood, bent plywood, composite multilayer materials) and development directions and perspectives of wood-based materials industry. – download
Materials processing, which aims at the introduction to mechanical processing of wood and wood-based materials. It emphasizes aspects between physics-mechanical properties of materials and methods of their processing. – download

Through this module, Making4.0 students will increase their knowledge and skills of traditional and new materials in the furniture making, and their processing methods in order to obtain final product.