WULS-SGGW Days 2022

Making 4.0 was promoted on WULS-SGGW days, which is a two-day event organized in May 20th/22nd by the academic community. It has always been of great interest not only to the Warsaw inhabitants, but to the high school graduates interested in studying at our university. It was a great opportunity to present the achievements of the SGGW academic staff and students, especially with the several thousands of visitors, and we had some luck to be close to the main stage 🙂

Wood Science Training

Thanks to Drzewna Vocational School we had a chance to present Ideas and achievements in Making 4.0 during Wood Science training session, for school students and local companies. We are hoping for international cooperation not only on the university level, but also in professional vocational training.

MAKING 4.0 – Train of Trainers sessions

Train of trainers which took place Dec 13-14th consisted of several sessions dealing with explanations and solving potential problems with teaching of subjects in pilot phase of Making 4.0 course:

  • Automation and Mechanization. Low Cost Automation, (from Marcin Zbiec/EU Kamil Roman, WULS)
  • Additive manufacturing, Victoria Gomez, (from EU Victoria Gomez, KIT)
  • Product design and digitalization, (Juan Carlos Bañon, CETEM)
  • Wood Science, (Marcin Zbiec, WULS)
  • Management Systems. Lean Manufacturing, (Mateusz Niedbala, WULS)

Detailed explanations and tips&tricks went well, so it was decided that additional support if needed will be provided individually.