Module 2: Intelligent and sustainable design

The second training module of Making4.0 Master offers students the opportunity to depth in the furniture design process and how to implement sustainable tools towards a circular economy industry, one of the current drivers of the industry.

The training module is composed by 3 elective courses and the student must choose 2 of them:

Eco and sustainable design, that covers the introduction to ecological and sustainable design for application in furniture companies. Its concept is analysed in depth the benefits and improvements it brings with respect to traditional design, as well as the legal framework that regulates it. The concept of life cycle analysis, sustainable design strategies and everything that has to do with environmental aspects to be considered are introduced. – download

Product design and digitalization, which ranges from concept generation to final detailed design through advanced digital design tools. First, it puts in the foreground the importance of working within a design method to obtain a good concept, and then, to develop products in the digital thread aiming at the transformation of the furniture industry 4.0 – download

Circular economy in the wood and furniture sector, as an introduction to the circular economy concept in the wood and furniture sector. The relationship between the circular economy and sustainability is analysed, deepening the keys to this new concept, its current status in the sector, as well as the legal and regulatory framework that regulates it. It also deepens the inclusion of the new strategy within the business model of the company, advancing results in its commercialization, both from the point of view of the potential market to the real value that is provided to the client. – download

Through this module, Making4.0´s students will increase their knowledge and skills to be ready for the green and circular transformation of the industry.